Enquete introductie 2022 Engels

This is the survey about the introduction period. Please fill in one answer per question. Thank you very much!

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What learning community are you in?

Have you been to both faculty introduction days?

What grade do you give the first faculty introduction day (Friday)?

What grade do you give the second faculty introduction day (Thuesday)

Do you have any points of improvement for the faculty introduction days?
How would you grade the information you received beforehand about the introduction?

What did you like or dislike about this information?
How do you rate the guidance of your mentors during the introduction?

What could the mentors have done better?
Do you feel that you got enough information about your studies during the introduction?
Did you go to the introductory camp?

If not, why not?
Do you have any points of improvement for the camp?
What is the number of your mentor group?
Almanac 2022 questions

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