Order books

How do I order my books for the coming year?

You can order your books at www.panacea.nl in the webstore. All the ordered books will be delivered at your home. If you do not have an address in the Netherlands yet then please contact us (bestuur@panacea.nl). If you have trouble with ordering your books, please send an email to panacea@geneeskundeboek.nl. 

Which books do I really need?

The books on the list have been recommended by your lecturers for the first year. Of course there will always be some books that are more essential than others, but all will be needed in both semesters. A number of books will be needed throughout your six years of studying medicine.

Can I order books during the entire year?

Yes, you will be able to order books online during the entire year. Do not forget that books have to be sent and you pay delivery costs for each order. Please note that you will receive the most discount if you order books at the start of the semesters. 

How do I order books via the internet?

First, it is important to be a member of Panacea. You can become a member by following the manual which you can find in the other letter: “Membership at M.F.V. Panacea”. Then follow these steps:

  1. Login on the website using your username (e-mail address) and password.

  2. Click on the English flag in the upper menu, then on ‘Webshop’.

  3. Click on ‘Books’.

  4. Click on year 1 and you will see all the necessary books for your first year.

  5. Add the books to your shopping cart.

  6. Check your shopping cart, orders are definitive!

  7. Enter your information and click order.


As mentioned before, you need to be a member of Panacea to order books. Because we have to process a lot of freshmen registrations, it can take a while before we accept your registration. If we accept your registration, you will receive an email. We will do everything to process all the forms as soon as possible. We hope for your patience and understanding.