Order a lab coat

How can I buy a lab coat?

For some practicals you need a lab coat. You can order your lab coat via the M.F.V. Panacea website. Fitting and eventually taking the right size, takes place during the pickup -moment. If the size you ordered does not fit at the time of pickup, you can then take another size. 

The costs for a lab coat are €25,50 and it hs the logo of Panacea on it.

You can order your lab coat already by following these steps:

  1. Login on the website with your username (e-mail address) and password.

  2. Click on the English flag in the upper menu, then on 'Webshop'.

  3. Click on 'Instruments'.

  4. Select the right coat for your sex and select your size.

  5. Add these to the shopping cart.

  6. Check your shopping cart, orders are definitive

  7. Enter your information and click order!

Pick-up lab coat

There will be a pick-up moment for lab coats in September. More information will follow soon.