Year Representations

The year representations are the base of the student participation. Every year of the bachelor of medicine has its own year representation (JV/YR) and in the master phase we have the Masterraad. The JV/YR is the first point of contact for students and the staff of the educational institute with problems or questions regarding education. They evaluate the lectures and all the other forms of education like tasks, practicals, but also the exams and workload. Every semester the JV/YR writes a report about everything that they’ve noticed that semester. Besides that they often have meetings with the staff of the educational institute about the current classes and about new ideas for the future. So JV/YR plays an essential part in improving your education!

If you have any questions or comments regarding your education or if you came across of which you think it should be done differently/better feel free to contact the JV/YR. The e-mail address is (fill in your year for  x).

Quite often the JV/YR runs into a bigger problem that they can play on to other gremia within the student participation. Usually this is done by the Commissioner of Bachelor Education of Panacea. Think about nuisance in the CMB during exams.

Besides all the education evaluations the JV/YR also organizes educational activities and after exam drinks! Once a year the JV/YR organizes after the exam so you can blow of some steam and cheer to all the work. For more relaxation you could come to the educational activities. A nice change from the regular education but still very interesting.

As you can tell JV/YR works all year long to make sure you can enjoy the best education