Progressief Medicijnen (ProMed) is the overarching student representation body of medical students of the University of Groningen in which students of different educational committees take part. Within ProMed, the students are being represented by amongst others: the Educational Committee (OCG), the Board of Pancea (M.F.V. Panacea), the Education and Research council (O&O-raad), the Exam Committee, IFMSA, the Masterraad, the Raad van Bestuur of the UMCG and the University Council.

ProMed proclaims the opinion of the student and plays an important part in maintaining and improving the quality of medical education. Besides that, ProMed participates in multiple meetings like the Interfacultair Medisch Studentenoverleg (IMS) and in multiple congresses, for example the IMS-congress in October and the NVMO-congress (Nederlandse Vereniging Medisch Onderwijs) in November. In this way, ProMed stays informed of the developments in the field of medical education.

However, Promed does not only participate in meetings and congresses. ProMed also organizes fun and educational activities! Together with ProDent (Dentistry) and ProMove (Movement sciences) ProMed organizes the Pro-activity. Furthermore ProMed organizes a dinner for students and staff, a pubquiz with Panacea and other fun activities!

On behalf of the M.F.V. Panacea the Commissioner of Bachelor Education and the Commissioner of Master Education and Career participate in ProMed meetings, together with a deputy of the Masterraad.

ProMed is committed to providing every Medine student with the best education! Do you have a question, a comment or do you want to join a meeting? Send an email to
For more information check the ProMed website or the ProMed Facebook page, Instagram page or LinkedIn page.