National level

Interfacultair Medisch Studentenoverleg (IMS)
The Interfacultair Medisch Studentenoverleg is the central Dutch student participation organization. The foundation was founded in 2018 and is a result of the merger of the Landelijk Overleg CoAssistenten (LOCA) and the Landelijk Medisch Studenten Overleg (LMSO).

Every six weeks representatives of the different University Medical Centers (UMCs) meet to represent all the medical students of the Netherlands directly and indirectly. The representatives are student board members, or members of student participation like the student assessors, or members of the co-raden.

The gathering of the representatives of all the medical faculties makes the IMS  an unique and  important organization. Led by a seven-headed board the IMS is committed to guarantee the quality and policy of  medical education and, if necessary, to improve the quality and policy.
Issues that are present within the medical curricula are being signaled and examined and subsequently a solution will be searched actively. Subjects that are being discussed are for example the new ‘Raamplan’ for doctors, the compensation for co-assistants and the admission of new students.

From the M.F.V. Panacea the Commissioner of Bachelor Education and the Commissioner of Master Education and Career are present together with a delegation of the members of ProMed.
For more information about the IMS check the website or the Facebook page.