Student participation

In Groningen there are a lot of opportunities for students to become involved with the education and help to improve it for future medical students. As a result, a lot of students are actually actively involved in student participation on a regional level as wel as national level. Panacea is also involved in the student participation! On a regional level this means that the Commissioner of Bachelor Education and the Commissioner of Master Education and Career take part in the two weekly meetings of ProMed. Progressief Medicijnen (ProMed) is the overarching student representation body of all medical students at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. On the page  'ProMed' you can find more information about the things ProMed does and which students are active within ProMed.


On a national level the Commissioner of Bachelor Education and the Commissioner of Master Education and Career are active members of Interfacultair Medisch Studenten Overleg (IMS). This foundation is involved with national matters and politics when reffering to the representation of medical students all over the Netherlands. On the page 'National Level' you will find more information about the activities of the IMS.

Do you also want to become actively involved with the student representation here at the faculty or at a national level? Stay updated by checking the Panacea website, your student email and the ProMed Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and website. Rather frequently, there will be new vacancies within ProMed which will be promoted via these accounts!