In need of help?

Do you need help as a medical student?
Below, you can find important contact information

In need of medical help: 0900 9229 – Doctors Service Groningen (only on weekends and evening hours) 
In case of suicide thoughts: 0900 0113 or – 113 Suicide Prevention
The 113 Suicide Prevention Foundation is the national suicide prevention organization.

Study Advisors (UMCG)
Contact information: Study-advisors |  or book an appointment directly via / / Also follow this link for information on extra support from the RUG. 
Study advisors are also there for problems in the personal sphere and psychological problems. Study advisors are confidential advisors, they listen and provide information, advice and support. They may refer to workshops and trainings, as well as to (student) psychologists or student counsellors. Study Advisors are also there for students who know someone who is struggling.

Student Service Centre (RUG)
Contact information: +31 50 363 8066,
The SSC is a centre for all students at the University of Groningen. The centre offers several forms of student guidance. Student psychologists can support and guide students in the field of mental problems such as depression and burn-out.

Confidential Advisor
Contact information RUG:  +31 50 3635435,
Contact information UMCG:
The first point of contact for employees and students who experience undesirable behaviour or unequal treatment, who observe malpractices in the organization or who suspect or are involved in a conflict in the working situation. The confidential advisor supports and assists students in submitting a formal complaint or notification after a first informal interview. You can find more information here (RUG).