Committees generally

The M.F.V. Panacea has many committees. The committees are in charge of some of the following things; organizing various activities for all medicine students to participate in, like a sport activity or a party; communicating with staff members and representing your year; and even organizing career orientated events. . International students and people who are unfamiliar with the Dutch language are encouraged and welcome to apply! Many committees have a committee evening every week, where they have dinner and chat together, but also have a meeting. You’ll soon find out that your committee becomes a tight knit group of friends! Furthermore, committees often go to activities of Panacea together. You can find a short description of all committees from the M.F.V. Panacea.

All the committees are open for international and dutch students. 

The Activities Committee: AkCie
The AkCie organizes several different activities. A few examples are a day at Walibi, a hitchhiking contest and of course a diversity of theme parties, like “Proud to be Golden”, “Fairytales” and a fantastic party at the end of the year “CSI”.

The Almanac Committee: AlmanakCie
This committee provides you with the yearly free almanac which includes all Panaceamembers with their names and photo. This results in a beautiful and indispensable book for all medical students. Moreover, the almanac contains the many contributions of all the committees of the M.F.V. Panacea, medical specialties, students and others.

The Benefit Committee October: BeCO
The BeCO raises money for charity organizations by organizing several activities. The committee organizes one of the biggest Panacea-theme parties, where all the students come in the greatest outfits. Other activities include lectures and daytime activities such as paintballing.

Bachelor’s degree, Parent’s day and College Carousel: BOCCie
Hundreds of 4-VWO students come to Groningen every year to get to know the Medical Faculty. To give these secondary school students a good look at the different studies, the BOCCie organizes an all-round tour and workshops. Next to that, the BOCCie organizes a Bachelor’s degree ceremony and the yearly parents day, so the students can show their parents what they do during their study.

The Trip Abroad Committee: BRC
Far journeys related to medicine are made possible for medical students by the BRC. In previous years, trips were organized to e.g. Sofia, Zagreb, Bologna, Newcastle, Tuscany, Istanbul, Berlin, Madrid, Valencia, Krakow, Barcelona, Prague, Warschau, Budapest, and most recently to Turin.

The Career Event Panacea Committee: CEPCie
The CEPCie organises a symposium with interesting workshops and Inspiring speakers. Every year a different central theme will be chosen. Themes of the previous symposia have been medical technology, sex, medical failures, neonatology, and medical help in case of disasters.

Co-outdagcommissie: Co-out
This committee organizes a day out for all freshmen master students, to give them an unforgettable day in between the internships!

De Commissie Semi-arts en Onderzoek: CSO
The CSO is the year representation of third-year master students. They also organize all kinds of different activities such as lectures, drinks and a co-out day. This committee is also closely involved in the evaluation of their year.

The Culture Committee: CuCo
The CuCo organizes a diversity of activities with a cultural touch. Over the past few years, the CuCo has organized a poker tournament, a wine tasting, traditional Dutch game night and a Running Dinner.

The Gala Ball Committee: GalaCie
The annual gala is organized by this committee. The gala is a stylish and fabulous event that is well-known in the student world. In previous years, the gala had themes like "Enchanted Forest" and “Ice & Fire”.

The Panacea band: ‘Hart Geruis’
The M.F.V. Panacea has her own band which consists of only medical students. The band performs during activities of the M.F.V. Panacea, but also at events like parties and Galas of other student associations.

The Lustrum Committee: LustrumCie
Once every five years a lustrum is organised to celebrate the anniversary of Panacea. In one week many activities are organised. The sixth lustrum of Panacea has taken place in 2017, build up around the theme of Vertigo. The great celebration then existed among other things of an opening party, beercantus, a visit to the zoo, live surgery, and a gala. The seventh lustrum of Panacea will take place in 2022.

Medical Aid by Student Help: MASH
Every year this committee takes care of the collection, packing, transport, and shipping of medical goods for a hospital in Tanzania.

Masterraad: MR
The master council is the year representation of the first-year master students. This committee organizes all kinds of different activities (the master council symposium, monthly get-togethers for the master students, lectures and courses), but also contributes to the evaluation of the education of their year.

The Musical Committee: MusicalCie
Once every two years there is a big Panaceamusical, with both the cast and the orchestra consisting of medical students only. Last year, the musical “Grease” was performed at the Stadsschouwburg. 

The PanEssay
The PanEssay is the magazine of the M.F.V. Panacea, that appears four times a year. They also have a website, where you can find lots of funny and interesting articles. Pretty much everything in the magazine is written for and by students. Topics are Panacea events, education and the healthcare system.

The Photo Committee: Pan-F
At all the activities of the M.F.V. Panacea the Pan-F is present to take pictures. The pictures are uploaded to the website of the M.F.V. Panacea where people can view them. The Pan-F also provides most of the pictures for the PanEssay and the Almanac.

The Panacea Introduction Committee: PanIC
The PanIC takes care of the introduction for the new first-year medical students. This committee always consists of sixteen first year students of the previous year. During the introduction, the PanIC makes sure that the new students will meet each other and will feel at home at the faculty and the M.F.V. Panacea.

Pre-Master Medicine Committee: PMG-Cie
The Premaster Committee organizes activities for Premaster students. Next to the drinks, they organize an educational activity like a workshop intubating, and an end-activity to celebrate the end of the year together.

The Sports Committee: SpoCo
This committee organizes several physical activities. The ski-trip, the beach volleyball tournament and the participation in the Batavierenrace are annual events. Next to that, different activities such as ice-skating, paintball and a soccer tournament are organized.

The Tropical Medicine Committee: Tropen
This committee organizes a so-called ‘project of choice’: ‘Tropical Medicine’. Every year many second-year students choose to take a closer look at this specific part of medicine.

The First Aid Committee: UrgenCie
This committee organizes first aid courses for medical students. Next to that, they organize workshops about various aspects of first aid such as burns, applying casts and stitching.

Year Representation: YR
For the evaluation of the education, there are two groups of students who represent their year: the Year Representations. One of them represents the English Learning Communities and the other one the Dutch Learning Communities. Students can go to the YR with their problems and remarks about the education and the exams. The YR makes sure that this reaches the different educational committees of the faculty, and of course also the teachers. In this way, the students have a say in the education. Next to the evaluations, the committee organizes educational activities, like a lecture war medicine, attending a live operation and a tour at an abortion clinic.