Supervisory and Advisory Council (RvTeA)

The Supervisory and Advisory Board, also known as RvTeA (read: rufta), is the advisory body by and for the board of M.F.V. Panacea. And overseeing, we do!
The RvTeA consists of five student members and six non-student members. The five student members are former board members who haven't been able to completely leave governing behind and are happy to keep interfering in the ins and outs of the association without being asked... But apart from that, advice is often sought. The board chooses its own members every year and they can always ask our advice, association-related or personal.  
Furthermore, supervision is also a very important task for us. As a result, we can often be found at Panacea activities, a very demanding task. Just purely to see how the board is doing. Not to enjoy drinking beer.
The current student members of the RvTeA are Tamar van der Aart (Commissioner Education BP'32), Lisa van der Meij (Secretary BP'33), Karlijn Geessink (Commissioner Master and Career BP'34), Nienke van Aalst (President BP'34 and BP'35) and Femke Tekstra (Secretary and Commissioner Master and Career BP'35). You will recognize us by our matching blue Panacea hair clip or by our unofficial front row seat in the Boering Room during the ALVs.

The non-student members of the RvTeA are Mr. Bezema (head of Education Institute), Ms. Veldman (program coordinator master curriculum medicine WIOO), Ms. Van der Meulen (head of finance UMCG), Mr. Smid (notary public) and Mr. Idzenga (judge). The non-student members change annually with the change of board, but often stay on for a number of years.

In addition to being there for the board, we are also there for you as a member! If you have any questions about anything, want to share your idea with us, or raise something about the board, please let us know!

Much love, 
The student members of the 2022-2023 Board of Supervisors and Advisors.