The 32nd board of the M.F.V. Panacea

Chairman -  Ymke van Ginkel
Secretary - Tamar Muntslag
Treasurer - Christiaan Kramer
External Commissioner - Juliëtte Drenth
Internal Commissioner - Thomas Katzori 
Educational Commissioner - Tamar van der Aart
Master and Career Commissioner - Sherilyn Konter

Ymke, our true northerner, will be chair of the board this year. Frysian roots, which you can really already see from her name, born and raised in Drenthe, and currently living in Groningen. As the youngest of this lot she will try to make sure everything goes according to plan. If you really want to make her happy, come by the boardroom and bring a game! But be warned; she is the definition of competitive..

Tamar is this year’s secretary. Luckily Tamar is very well organized, and we trust her to keep things in order throughout the year. While last year you could admire her while she was shining away in the Panacea Musical, you can come and enjoy her jokes and jolliness in the boardroom. Once she starts chatting she will not stop though, so prepare!

Christiaan will be protecting the coin of panacea this year. He is always in for some fun, which is partially because he lacks a crucial anatomical component… (uhhum backbone uhhum). Whenever he needs some time to himself, he likes to take his mountainbike for a ride. Being surrounded by medical students comes to his benefit, as being clumsy leads to him needing a little fixing up from time to time.

With Christiaan protecting the coin of the goddess this year, there’s enough room for Juliëtte to go out and collect some more! This Albertian knows what she wants and does not hesitate to let you know. If you have planned a meeting with her, grab a cup of coffee (or a coca cola if you like), she will be here any minute now!

Thomas , also known as the G2020 memelord, is our internal commissioner. Thomas is truly made for this position, as he never misses a chance to let his creativity loose on posters and promotion in Photoshop. He only has one true love; his committees. The more meetings with his chairs in a day, the better!

Although Tamar might come across like a cutie with her beautiful blonde curls and somewhat shorter stature, this is anything but the truth! Tamar is not small at all, she is often the biggest player of all. As the educational commissioner of the board, she will be representing the opinions of students, which she has plenty of experience with as a former member of the YR.

Last but not least, our Master and Career commissioner, Sherilyn. Sher is our real “Twentenaar”, and she is proud to be one! If you can’t find her in the boardroom, you will for sure find her in the gym. This sporty girl is not only extremely fit, but also very caring. She will be making sure all of us survive this board year.

As board, we like it whenever you stop by our boardroom! Come and enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, or Cup-a-soup and sing a song with Tamar, enjoy Thomas’ memes, or discuss sports scores with Sherilyn; we have open hours every day between 12.30h and 13.30h.
Monday: Sherilyn
Tuesday: Tamar M
Wednesday: Christiaan & Thomas
Thursday: Ymke & Juliëtte
Friday: Tamar A