The 31st board of the M.F.V. Panacea

Chairman - Thomas van Vliet
Secretary - Marije Hodes
Treasurer - Vijay Dayalani
External Commissioner - Kevin Berenschot
Internal Commissioner - Kjell Hannessen
Educational Commissioner - Sonja van Ogtrop
Master and Career Commissioner - Julia van Brunschot

The number 31 has many meanings. For example, the number 31 is the national number for international telephone calls to the Netherlands. But also the year 31 BC was very important. In this year Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus (Augustus) became the consul of the Imperium Romanum, better known as the Roman Empire, for the third time. Aside from these most interesting facts, which of course you already knew, there is more about this beautiful number. As from the 1st of February 2018 we are allowed to call ourselves the 31st Board of the M.F.V. Panacea. A name that we all wear with great honor and pride. But who are we?

Thomas is our chairman from Houten and of course he speaks perfect ABN (the only real Dutch language). Proverbs are not his strongest point and so, the shelf is sometimes missed. As befits a chairman, he happily throws one after another speech out of his sleeve. In addition, we have to give him some credits for keeping this disorderly group in check.

Marije is the only Frisian amongst us. She loves games like no other. Well, I have to say it correctly: she likes winning games. Fortunately, she also uses her fanaticism with her tasks. You can see this when something does not go as planned or when someone makes a joke with Marije as a subject. At such a moment her right eyebrow goes up, while the left remains neutral.

Vijay is our fun pants. With all his jokes you can hardly take him seriously anymore. Fortunately Vijay always knows how to divide his time. When he thinks that jokes may not be very useful because he has to work hard, he chooses to frighten his fellow board members. Our multinational also aims to update its Dutch this year. Actually nowhere needed because he is a topper.

Then it’s time for our smooth talker Kevin. Where he always seems to be kind and cute, he is very good in showing his blunt and harsh sides. Luckily Kevin knows how to make up for this quickly with his golden throat during the karaoke. As a real Albertian, Kevin is much to be found during constitution drinks. If no one wants to join him, he will take his inflatable buddy with him.

Where Kjell started as a real Fitboy, he now knows the difference between Happy Italy and the Vapianos perfectly well. With his beautiful smile from ear to ear he winds everyone around his fingers. That Kjell really has a lot of energy can be seen from the fact that he is one of the early birds of the board. From his sporting past, Kjell has remembered that nothing is as important as hydrating. He has a beautiful tea mug that fits a liter of tea.

Our other early bird is Sonja. It is always very nice if Sonja is awake early again, because than you know that the boardroom is clean when you step inside. Sonja is also occasionally found in the office in the later hours. Fortunately, this does not happen too often, because then no one could open his or her snapchat without seeing a picture of Sonja at the boardroom. Furthermore, Sonja is a star in telephoning. Finally, it is very nice to ask Son questions. Because you know for sure, the answer is correct. Politically correct.

Now we have arrived at our little, sweet and adorable Julia. You would say. But nothing is less true. With Julia her manipulative tricks she gets exactly what she wants from exactly who ever she wants it from. Julia finds it difficult to let others do things. It can be very difficult to let go for her, but not when it comes to words. Once Juultje is released, she cannot be stopped. Luckily she never notices when you stop listening halfway. 

So, after reading this message you all know exactly who we are. This year we will make the number 31 important within the M.F.V. Panacea. We are going to make sure that everyone will remember this year, of course in the most beautiful sense of the word.

As board, we would like it if you stop by our board room! Drink a cup of coffee, tea or Cup-a-soup and enjoy Vijay’s jokes, Thomas’ made-up sayings and Julia’s chatting; we have open hours every day between 12.30 and 13.30h.

Monday: Kevin and Sonja
Tuesday: Julia
Wednesday: Marije and Vijay
Thursday: Kjell
Friday: Thomas