GalaCie Gala Dinner and/or AkCie Silent Disco

Dear Medicine Students, 

NOTICE: only 1 person in your group needs a transmitter!

The GalaCie has organized the gala on the 7th of May. This year the gala will take place as a luxury dinner in the comfort of your own home, the boxes will be delivered at your home! This years theme is ✨A starry night at the Oscars✨ The gala will take place from 18:15-21:00. A ticket for the dinner costs €15,00 for Panacea members and €18,00 for non-Panacea members. Enrollments will open today, there are only a limited number of tickets so make sure to enroll as soon as possible!

The AkCie is organising the first medicine party of the year: On the 7th of May, a silent disco at your home! The one and only DJ Wout will provide you with amazing music all night long. The party will take place after the gala dinner and will be from 9:00 pm to 1:00 am. Participation in the disco costs 4 euro per person. 1 person will need a transmitter, this ticket will cost 8 euros, you can devide this over your group. We will arrange the equipment, which you can pick up at the faculty on the day and on the 6th of may. Where this exactly will be, will be announced later. Register as soon as possible with your friends/roommates!

You can also order a combi-ticket for the gala diner and the silent disco together, this costs €16,00 per person.

It is important that you sign up with your group. If you participate in the silent disco, you should have 1 person in your group that buys a transmitter. If you participate to the dinner, then you should give up the adress where you will eat. There it will be delivered. The headsets and the transmitters should be picked up at the faculty. 
pick up moments:
- wednesday 5/5/21 - 15:00-17:00
- friday 7/5/21 - 10:00-15:00

at 3214.0081

Below can be seen how to use the headphones and transmitters!