Every year the Panacea Introduction Committee (PanIC) organizes the introduction period for all first year medical students. During this introduction the new students get to know the faculty, the M.F.V. Panacea and especially each other better. 

This year, the introduction to medicine will take place from September 3 to 7. The introduction consists of two faculty days and a camp.  The introduction days will look like this:
- September 3 is the first faculty day. On this day you will be present at the faculty in groups in the morning, the afternoon program will take place online. You will be divided into mentor groups.
- September 4 through 6, the camp will take place. For half of the first year students this will be September 4-5 and for the other half this will be September 5-6. September 2, you will hear which night you will be at camp.
- The day you are not at camp, for the first group this is September 4 and for the second group this is September 6, there will be a program in Groningen with your mentor group.
- September 7 is the second faculty day. On this day there is a committee market and tour at the faculty with your mentor group. The other part of the day there is a program of the faculty in which you get information about the study. 

During the introduction days we will work with self-tests, so we can make it a EXCELLENT period with all of us in a responsible way. For camp we will work with "testen voor toegang". For this you must therefore have a valid QR code. So make sure you have a test scheduled before you go to camp. For the group that goes to camp on Saturday, you must test on Friday and the group that goes to camp on Sunday must schedule a test on Saturday. THEREFORE, WITHOUT A TEST YOU CANNOT ATTEND CAMP. If there are any problems scheduling a test, please send an email to

The self-tests are offered by us, so you do not have to buy them. The pickup time of these self-tests is at the same time as the fitting time of the lab coats: September 2nd between 13:00 and 17:00