Medicine-related committees

Do you want to organize activities with a medical touch, like a symposium or a first-aid course? Then you have come to the right place with these committees!

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The Career Event Panacea Committee: CEPCie
The CEPCie organises a symposium with interesting workshops and Inspiring speakers. Every year a different central theme will be chosen. Themes of the previous symposia have been medical technology, sex, medical failures, neonatology, and medical help in case of disasters

Medical Aid by Student Help: MASH
Every year this committee takes care of the collection, packing, transport, and shipping of medical goods for a hospital in Tanzania.

The Medical Career Day Committee: MCD
The annual congress, that is organized by the MCD, is about all the difficulties and opportunities after our study. During this day you can attend interesting lectures and workshops.

The First Aid Committee: UrgenCie
This committee organizes first aid courses for medical students. Next to that, they organize workshops about various aspects of first aid such as burns, applying casts and stitching.