Education-related committees

Do you want to help to improve the curriculum within the study of medicine in Groningen? Or would you like to organize interesting lectures or courses for your fellow students? Then maybe one of the committees below is something for you!

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Bachelor’s degree, Parent’s day and College Carousel: BOCCie
Hundreds of 4-VWO students come to Groningen every year to get to know the Medical Faculty. To give these secondary school students a good look at the different studies, the BOCCie organizes an all-round tour and workshops. Next to that, the BOCCie organizes a Bachelor’s degree ceremony and the yearly parents day, so the students can show their parents what they do during their study.

Year Representation: YR
For the evaluation of the education, there are two groups of students who represent their year: the Year Representations. One of them represents the English Learning Communities and the other one the Dutch Learning Communities. Students can go to the YR with their problems and remarks about the education and the exams. The YR makes sure that this reaches the different educational committees of the faculty, and of course also the teachers. In this way, the students have a say in the education. Next to the evaluations, the committee organizes educational activities, like a lecture war medicine, attending a live operation and a tour at an abortion clinic.

The Tropical Medicine Committee: Tropen
This committee organizes a so-called ‘project of choice’: ‘Tropical Medicine’. Every year many second-year students choose to take a closer look at this specific part of medicine.