Committees of Panacea

The M.F.V. Panacea has many committees and we very much recommend that you apply for one. International students and people who are unfamiliar with the Dutch language are encouraged and welcome to apply! There are many different committees here at Panacea, so there is definitely something you are interested in! The committees are in charge of some of the following things; organizing various activities for all medicine students to participate in, like a sport activity or a party; communicating with staff members and representing your year; and even organizing career orientated events. There is a wide variety and we encourage you to delve into the details and find the one that fits your interests. Many committees have a committee evening every week, where they have dinner and chat together, but also have a meeting. You’ll soon find out that your committee becomes a tight knit group of friends! Furthermore, committees often go to activities of Panacea together. At the end of the year, all committee members are thanked for their efforts through a free barbecue, a free “thank you dinner” and the opportunity to join the Active Members Weekend. Overall, your activities in your committees will give you a community here in Groningen, and help make this big city seem a little smaller. Apply and find your community today! Look under the different categories to the left for a short description of all committees from the M.F.V. Panacea.
All the committees are open for international and dutch students.