Teacher of the Year 2020

Welcome to the Teacher of the Year 2020 page! The survey has been closed and the results are in! 

7 prizes are awarded this year:

  • Lecturer of the Year 2020: dr. H. van Duinen
  • Best online teacher: dr. H. van Duinen
  • Funniest teacher: drs. A.E.J. van Gaalen
  • Beste patient interviewer: drs. E.M. Abma
  • Best KTC teacher: drs. D.H. Bogchelman
  • Best teacher in Practical Skill (Praktsiche vaardigeheden): dr. F.R. urlage and drs. D.H. Bogchelman
  • Best clinician: dr. F.F.A. Ijpma

Click here for the announcement movie!

Furthermore, there will be no physical event this year. The nominees for the 'Lecturer of the Year 2020' have each made a mini webinar. The overarching theme of the mini webinars is 007. Check out the mini webinars below!

Drs. H Burgerhof:

Dr. M. Versluis:

Prof. dr. F. Kroese:

Drs. A. van Gaalen

Drs. B. Doornweerd

Dr. R. Bakels

Dr. H. van Duinen