Research masters

Become a top (bio)medical researcher! The Graduate School of Medical Sciences at the University of Groningen and UMCG offers two top research master programmes for which students holding a bachelor in Medicine can apply. Are you eager to shift your focus to research instead, why not have a look at these master programmes?

Clinical and Psychosocial Epidemiology (CPE)
This top rated programme allows ambitious students to carry out individual research within the fields of Public health, Epidemiology, Health psychology, and Psychiatry. Students start publishing throughout the programme and a number of students continue as PhD researchers at the University Medical Center Groningen after completing CPE.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Drug Innovation (MPDI)
MPDI is an ambitious selective research master in which you can specialize in the following tracks: Oncology, Medical neurosciences and neurological diseases, Infection and immunity, Medical nutrition and metabolic diseases, Medical system biology and bioinformatics, Drug innovation. MPDI is unique in the sense that it is embedded both in the department of Pharmacy and in the University Medical Center Groningen. The majority of students become PhD researchers.