Every year the BeCO organizes multiple activities to collect money for charity. This year the Charity Committee of the M.F.V. Panacea will do her best to collect as much money as possible for the UMCG Alzheimerfonds!

Monday, October 7, the largest medical party of the M.F.V. Panacea will take place. This year we will be blasting off into Outer Space to raise an out of this world amount of money. So come dressed as something otherworldly with your friends! With each beer you buy, 50 cents will be donated to charity.

On Monday, October 10, doctors and medical students will enjoy a dinner together at the Prinsenhof. After the dinner, a lottery and auction will take place with a prize pool of more than 2,500 euros, sponsored by the various shop owners from Groningen. All proceeds go to the UMCG Alzheimerfonds!

On October 16 there will be a lecture. Award-winning author Toine Heijmans and Dr. Elske Marije Abma will be there to explain more about Alzheimer's. 

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