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Buddysystem M.F.V. Panacea & Medical Alumni Association Antonius Deusing

The M.F.V. Panacea has set up a buddy system in collaboration with the Medical Alumni Association Antonius Deusing. The buddy system makes it possible to be linked as a student to a doctor who is connected to Antonius Deusing and who has signed up as a buddy. The ideal way to see the specialism you are interested in. There are possibilities for research, shadow days and different projects in Groningen and throughout the Netherlands. You can also ask questions and get information about your career. In the form below you can indicate your preference regarding specialism, type of hospital, type of doctor and location.

After you have registered, the optimal match will be made as soon as possible via the alumni officer of Antonius Deusing. If a doctor is found, he or she will receive a copy of your buddy request. Then you will receive information about your buddy from a student member of Antonius Deusing and you can contact your buddy to make an appointment!

Are you curious about the situation in other hospitals or do you want to expand your network within the UMCG? Use the knowledge and skills of alumni. Fill in the form below and we will start helping you!

In case of questions or ambiguities you can always contact the board of the M.F.V. Panacea via bestuur@panacea.nl or the Medical Alumni Association Antonius Deusing via alumni@med.umcg.nl.

Introduce yourself and tell what a buddy can mean for you (For example: shadow days, questions about career, research, etc.)
2. Which specialism are you interested in?

3. Do you want an academic or peripheral hospital?

4. What kind of doctor should be your buddy?

5. Are you willing to travel outside the province of Groningen for a shadow day?

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