Intensive Care

Afdeling Intensive Care Volwassenen, Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen
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General information:
The emergency department (ED, in dutch CSO) is a dynamic department; it is for every medical student a very interesting place to gain experience in the field of emergency medicine. The ED of the UMCG offers high care including initial assessment and resuscitation, triage and final treatment of all patients admitted with an acute medical condition. This include both low care and high care. Every day almost one hundred patients visit the ED. 

The ED can roughly be divided in trauma and non-trauma care under coordination of the surgeon and coordinator non trauma (internist) respectively. Also emergency physicians have a central place role in treating patients in the ED.

What do we offer for students?
The ED is an excellent starting point for research and education for students in different stages of their study. We have different possibility’s for students:

Keuzeproject (project of choice) personal development during bachelor stage, M1 stage for surgery and medicine and M3 semi arts (semi-doctor).  There is a position available on short notice.

There are multiple large research projects in which student scan participate for their masters. If students are interested for these projects they can contact us directly. We have frequent opportunities for students to conduct a scientific study including research with patients and thus patient contact in the ED.

It is also possible to partifipate in a larger student team for data collection  in patients with specific diseases. For example, we currently have a sepsis team where students collect data in shifts 7 days a week with the unique possibility to have real patient contact including anamnesis and physical examination. 

If you are interested please contact us: Prof. dr. JC ter Maaten, medical chief of the ED, internist acute medicine,