Panacea’s associates

If you are not a member of the M.F.A. Panacea (anymore), there is the possibility to become one of Panacea’s associates. A donation of at least €20,-  per year will give you the association’s journal ‘The PanEssay’ and the almanac, respectively four times and once a year. As an alumni or an interested party, this is the perfect way to stay updated on the M.F.A. Panacea. An one time donation is possible as well. Your name will be stated on the webpage ‘Panacea’s associates’. If you want to become an associate of Panacea of if you want to end your contributions, please send an e-mail to

Panacea’s associates are:

  • Fardou Heida, board '11 (external commissioner)

  • Bob Hollemans, board '07 (president)

  • V.M.R. van Uem, board '07 (treasurer)

  • S.C. van Veen, board '07 (external commissioner) 

  • M.C. Hoogstrate, board '07 (internal commissioner I)

  • E.G. Hamer, board '07 (internal commissioner II)

  • J.C. Kuyvenhoven, board '04 (secretary)

  • Mayke Reimert, board '03 (coordinator educational cluster)

  • James van Bastelaar, board '00 (coordinator activities cluster)

  • F. Wit, board '88-'89 (secretary)

  • Ineke Haan, board '87-'88 (coordinator reduction & administration)

  • J.A. Leezenberg

  • J.H.J. Muntinga, professor medical physiology

  • R. Bakels, professor medical physiology

  • Dr. J. de Vries, surgeon-oncologist UMCG

  • Celine ten Donkelaar

  • J.M. Kern-Ruijg

  • Tijs Louwes

  • Charlotte Veldman, board '10 (external commissioner)

  • Hidde Kleijer

  • Joost van Erp, board '12 (external commissioner)

  • Ruben Eck, board '11 (treasurer)